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August 2014

The term “estate grown” is used frequently in the floral industry. Similar to the wine industry, roses that are estate grown are known to be of higher quality. But what exactly makes estate grown roses superior?

Nurturing From Bud to Bloom

Estate grown roses are only grown on the grower’s own land. No third-party is involved in the rose growing process.

Growers who harvest on their own land have 100 percent control of the entire process, down to hand-selecting only the most beautiful roses.

Estate growers select the farming region with ideal growing conditions, such as fertile soil, temperate climate and water purity. On the farm, rose experts carefully nurture every individual rose. In addition estate growers are able to cultivate new rose varieties and breeds.

Sourcing Your Flowers

On the other side of the coin, some rose brokers purchase from third-party growers. This might result in loss of quality control.

When sourcing your roses, consider this: are you working with a single source who oversees the entire rose growing process, from cultivating to packaging and cold storage?

Consistent quality and beauty starts before the seed is planted and after the roses are harvested and transported. Involvement in the entire growing process is the best way to achieve roses of the highest caliber.