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Setting the Standard

Each one of our roses is the embodiment of uncompromising quality and exceptional craftsmanship. The Rosaprima rose is synonymous with beauty, quality and longevity. Our roses are handcrafted by skillful artisans who take great pride in producing world-renowned roses. Our heritage is one which combines traditional mastery, expert selection and innovation to create the standard all others are measured by.

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The Art of the Rose

Quality is the cornerstone behind our success. An uncompromising quest for perfection is our driving force. Perfected over hundreds of years, our breeding process involves hands-on development and inspection by an expert eye. For nearly two decades, our roses have been estate grown and never purchased from third party growers.

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We take great pride and personal responsibility in the fact that every day, our products adorn ceremonies, celebrations, and other important life moments across the world. We are honored to contribute in a small way. And we view it as part of our heritage to ensure the event, and the moments are commemorated with elegance and beauty.

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Distinctly Rosaprima

Rosaprima roses represent the epitome of beauty. To ensure we are providing the highest quality, Rosaprima roses are naturally grown and individually selected for their beauty and allure. Awe-inspiring blooms, colors and scents give our flowers a special character that puts the Rosaprima rose in a category unto itself.

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Skilled growers -- true artisans in their field -- cultivate the development of each rose. With a scrupulous attention to detail, the result is sophisticated beauty and natural appeal. We examine thousands of roses each year and hand-pick only the best to be a part of our preferred collection. As a result, we are able to curate an exclusive grouping of just 150 varieties, many of which are extremely rare or exclusive to Rosaprima.

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Growing the Perfect Rose

For nearly two decades, our roses have been estate grown and never purchased from third party growers. Rosaprima roses are naturally cultivated high in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador. We harness the power of nature to grow the finest roses. Known for its fertile soil and pristine waters of Cayambe's glaciers, the land has delivered bountiful harvests for centuries. Our land is known to be the world's most well-suited region for rose growing in the world.

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Our passion lies in the understanding that we are playing a role in the events that create memories that will last a lifetime. We are selected as the rose for special moments in people's lives: a wedding, a celebration, a remembrance, a commemoration - and all the important occasions experienced throughout life. Rosaprima roses add a special touch to those moments. And we feel very privileged to be part of those memories.

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