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Technology Enhances Tradition

At the core, our growing processes are rooted in practices and traditions which are hundreds of years old. Generations of workers lend their talents and their knowledge, which we strenghten by harnessing the power of technology. From computerized irrigation systems to modern greenhouses, and staging areas, technology enhances tradition by providing full visibility from the field to the florist. At Rosaprima, technology will never replace our tradition of inspecting each rose individually - to ensure only the finest product makes its way to you.

Sustainable Farming

Curating an Exclusive

Rosaprima Collection

Our ability to curate a rose collection is unlike any other. Through the decades, we have developed deep knowledge and proprietary processes for every aspect of rose-curating and selection. Our seasoned experts travel the world to customize the Rosaprima collection, viewing up to 4,000 rose varieties each year. In the end, the selection is narrowed to 150 varieties, which make up the collection.

Partnerships to Grow

Premium Roses

We partner with the world's most renowned breeders to develop tomorrow's newest and most innovative varieties. Together we collaborate to study attributes such as extended vase life, novel colors, and shapes of inexplicable beauty. This process takes an average five years of meticulous investigation. As a result we set the trends and tone for future varieties to be enjoyed worldwide.

Delivering Beauty

Uncompromising beauty is delicate by nature. After harvesting, our roses are prepared using state-of-the art packaging processes, and great attention is given to maintaining a temperature-controlled supply chain. Our processes are constantly monitored and optimized, so the roses will last as long as possible. Strategic alliances with reputable airlines, logistics companies, importers and customs - enable us to deliver the freshest roses anywhere in the world within hours.