A World of Opportunities

Our roses are distributed solely by reputable wholesale partners. When forming distribution partnerships, we seek well-established, quality-oriented distributors who share our passion and vision for delivering luxury roses in optimal transport and cold chain conditions.

Grow Your Business

Partnering with Rosaprima helps distributors serve the needs of their most distinguishing clientele. We have spent years developing worldwide brand recognition and a reputation for quality that resonates with those who expect the very best. And our distributors deliver on the levels of service and professionalism that high-end retailers have come to expect. In our mutually beneficial partnerships, distributors in our network benefit from strong brand recognition, which opens new doors and helps grow revenues. Together, we combine our branding, service, and distribution strengths to deliver roses of uncompromising quality and a truly unique floral experience.

More Information

For opportunities to become part of the Rosaprima distribution network, please complete the form below, and our distribution management team will contact you.