How many varieties of roses do you have?

Our exclusive collection includes 150 rose varieties that have been individually selected for their beauty and elegance. We partner with renowned breeders, and as a result, many of our roses are extremely rare and can only be found at Rosaprima.

Can I see the entire Rosaprima collection online?

To see the full Rosaprima luxury collection of 150 varieties, View Our Collection. Or if you prefer, Order a Printed version.

Are different varieties of roses available at different times throughout the year?

Thanks to our extremely favorable growing conditions, we are able to produce varieties year-round. Some of our varieties are extremely rare and we have limited availability. Therefore, it is best to order in advance.

How are the roses distributed?

Rosaprima roses are distributed exclusively by a well-established network of traditional wholesale florists who are quality oriented and have the skills, and infrastructure to ensure optimal quality and beauty. Our flowers may be found globally and reach more than 25,000 florists weekly.

What does the name “Rosaprima” mean?

“Rosa” is the Latin word for rose, while “prima” is defined as the best; a leader. Joining the two together, Rosaprima is the ultimate expression of beauty, luxury and quality that is unmatched in any other rose.

Where are the roses grown?

Our 500 acres of farmland is located in the Guachalá growing region, nestled high in the Ecuadorian Andes Mountains. This rich and fertile land is where our rose-growing experts and breeders employ skilled craftsmanship, hands-on development and an eye for innovation to curate our collection of more than 150 rose varieties, including the rarest and newest breeds in the world.

How do I care for the roses?

Wholesalers –The single most important factor to monitor is temperature and relative humidity.
Florists –When roses arrive at the florist, the key to preserving is proper handling.
Consumers –To keep bouquets lasting longer, keep your stems hydrated and keep them out of direct sunlight, heat or air conditioners.

For more information on caring for your Rosaprima roses, please reference these simple steps: Timeless Beauty: Tips for Long-Lasting Roses.

How can I become a distributor?

We partner with quality oriented partner-distributors on a global scale. If you are interested in joining the Rosaprima network, read more or complete the form here.