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Rosaprima Surprises Passersby with Petal It Forward

Passersby in downtown Miami take part in Rosaprima’s Petal It Forward event

With over 650 participants from around the USA, Canada, Colombia and Puerto Rico, the Petal It Forward campaign this year has been the biggest yet!  Introduced by the Society of American Florists (SAF) as a way to encourage the positive emotions linked with receiving and giving flowers, the event has been gaining momentum since its launch five years ago. The idea behind the Petal It Forward campaign is simple: to bestow two bouquets to passersby – one to keep and one to share.  In this way, the person not only feels the joy of receiving flowers, but also the joy of giving flowers. At Rosaprima, we love to be part of those special moments.

A woman walking with her husband receives two Rosaprima roses as part of the Petal It Forward 2019 campaign.
Woman is surprised with two beautiful Rosaprima roses as part of Petal It Forward 2019
Rosaprima Miami team poses with a floral frame made by them for Petal It Forward 2019
Part of Rosaprima’s Miami team during Petal It Forward 2019

For its third consecutive year, Rosaprima’s Miami team joined the Petal It Forward campaign, bringing smiles to everyone involved. They greeted pedestrians passing through Miami Brickell City Centre on October 23 with two unforgettable blooms. One was to keep for themselves, and one to petal it forward. They chose Rosaprima’s Mother of Pearl, Sahara and Dynamic varieties for the occasion. Perfect tones on a beautiful fresh autumn day in sunny downtown Miami. The team also made a wonderful floral picture frame for anyone to enjoy a quick photo opportunity as a bonus. It was a reminder to every now and then, slow down and enjoy the moment.

Already looking forward to Rosaprima’s participation in next year’s Petal It Forward

With such an amazing feel-good mood all around, we are grateful to take part in such wonderful initiatives. We’re already looking forward to next year’s Petal It Forward. We hope you will join us too!

Close up of Rosaprima roses ready to be handed out during Petal It Forward 2019.
Rosaprima roses during Petal It Forward 2019


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