Rosaprima Is Awarded Eleven Ribbons at SAF’s 2021 Convention - Rosaprima

Rosaprima Is Awarded Eleven Ribbons at SAF’s 2021 Convention

Leonora – Best in Class 2021

We are honored to have been awarded eleven ribbons at this year’s Outstanding Varieties Competition carried out by the Society of American Florists (SAF) in their 136th annual Convention. In this occasion, Rosaprima won a ribbon for every rose variety submitted! Including Best in Class 2021.

SAF’s annual convention is one of the most prestigious shows in the floral industry, as every year professionals from all over the United States and the rest of the world get together while a panel of judges carefully observe and choose the most beautiful flowers.

We are incredibly proud of our eleven ribbons as they stand for our ongoing commitment and dedication to exceptional quality and beauty in each rose. Our 2021 SAF winners are:

Effie: Red Ribbon

Effie by Rosaprima

This variety is feisty, confident, and mesmerizing with her chameleon-like shades of orange, apricot, and yellow. From unassuming, creamy buds to lush cupped blooms of tangerine tones, Effie unfurls into a large rosette of yellow, fiery radiance, framed with a halo of soft cream petals.

Momentum: Red Ribbon

Momentum by Rosaprima

Part of our New Varieties 2021 collection, Momentum is a cheerful, beautifully vibrant rose. Its warm, sun-kissed yellow tone is an instant mood lifter and emits rays of positivity and energy as its bud gently opens up to a full, luscious bloom. 

RP Lady Eva: Red Ribbon

RP Lady Eva by Rosaprima

This Rosaprima Exclusive’s sandy, neutral blooms are elegance at its finest. RP Lady Eva perfectly conveys elegance and femininity with sandy petals tipped with vibrant pink. This Rosaprima exclusive makes every arrangement stand out with a special grace not found in other blooms. All hail RP Lady Eva! 

RP Flamingo: Red Ribbon

RP Flamingo by Rosaprima

This Rosaprima exclusive is an exuberant, gushing, and explosive rose. The combination of colors her full buds are painted merit a special mention. Being an almost sugar pink with a touch of peach at its center, RP Flamingo is a stunning, sophisticated rose that will captivate everyone.

Mayra’s Bridal Pink: Red Ribbon

Mayra’s Bridal Pink by Rosaprima

An elegant and feminine medium pink garden rose that will help mark all your special moments. Mayra’s Bridal Pink‘s delicate petals adorn a fully open bloom with copious texture with its inner layers revealing a more intense shade of pink while the outer layers remain a more subdued, almost peach pale pink hue.

RP Copper Kiss: Red Ribbon

RP Copper Kiss by Rosaprima

Her beautiful matte petals add a fun, lively burst of color that have florists eagerly waiting to include RP Copper Kiss into their next arrangement. Full of character, this Rosaprima exclusive is highly versatile.

RP Aspen: Blue Ribbon

RP Aspen by Rosaprima

One of Rosaprima’s world-wide exclusivities, RP Aspen, is an incredibly versatile rose as it can be combined with any number of hues or can also be used alone in an arrangement to brighten up any room.

Dark X-pression: Blue Ribbon

Dark X-presssion by Rosaprima

Florist’s favorite variety, Dark X-pression, is a beauty in all its glory! She has a darker, almost fuchsia outer ring, with a warm, coral heart in the center. An impressive bud at 6 cm, and very much like a garden rose, but with 12 days longevity in its vase.

Princess Crown: Blue Ribbon

Princess Crown by Rosaprima

With delicate and warm shades of vintage rose, Rosaprima’s Princess Crown exhibits delicate swirls in peach hues toning down to light dusty pink with a green eye that peaks through as it opens.

Eugenie: Blue Ribbon

Eugenie by Rosaprima

One of our latest additions of 2021, Eugenie is a frothy delight of blush peach prettiness. A delicate but painterly rose, Eugenie’s heart boasts pretty blush peach and apricot tones that fade to pale cream and white. Her floaty tulle-like petals are both captivating and characterful. 

Leonora: Purple Ribbon

On top of our eleven ribbons winner list at SAF’s 2021 convention:

Leonora, our Best in Class winner, the epitome of classic elegance and understated style. Her relaxed style exudes a sense of quiet beauty that is simply captivating.

Once again, these Eleven Ribbons at SAF’s 2021 Convention are proof of our hard work and dedication. Rosaprima has participated in the Outstanding Varieties Competition for fifteen years and has won more than 70 Ribbons since. We already are looking forward to next year!


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