Rosaprima Is Awarded Five Ribbons at SAF’s 2019 Convention - Rosaprima

Rosaprima Is Awarded Five Ribbons at SAF’s 2019 Convention

RP Aspen

RP Aspen- its white swirling buds are full of purity and light

We are honored to have been awarded five ribbons at this year’s Outstanding Varieties Competition carried out by the Society of American Florists (SAF) in their 135th annual Convention. Every year, the convention attracts industry professionals from all over the United States and the rest of the world while a panel of judges carefully observe and choose the most beautiful flowers. In this occasion, RP Aspen, Havana, Pompeii, Candlelight and Ella all made a powerful impression and were awarded red and blue ribbons.

SAF’s annual convention is one of the most prestigious shows in the floral industry. We are incredibly proud of our five ribbons as they stand for our ongoing commitment and dedication to exceptional quality and beauty in each rose. Our 2019 SAF winners are:

RP Aspen: Red Ribbon

RP Aspen
RP Aspen

RP Aspen, one of Rosaprima’s world-wide exclusivities, is an incredibly versatile rose as it can be combined with any number of hues or can also be used alone in an arrangement to brighten up any room.

Havana: Red Ribbon

Havana by Rosaprima

A traditional pink rose with a twist, this Rosaprima rose highlights berry pink streaks on the outer petals. Leave the guard petals on for a chic and fashion forward look or remove them to reveal a stunning medium pink rose.

Pompeii: Blue Ribbon

Pompeii by Rosaprima

Pompeii’s nude, sandy color has a feminine, romantic quality with its warm undertone at the center and a small tinge of green at the tips of the outer petals. This nuanced color goes well with basically any pallete, adding a touch of sophistication to all arrangements.

Candlelight: Blue Ribbon

Candlelight by Rosaprima

One of our new varieties, our Candlelight is already a favorite! It is a graceful nude-cream rose with just a blush of warm peach at the center. Also an incredibly versatile rose for any ocassion.

Ella (Auswagsy): Blue Ribbon

Ella (Auswagsy) by Rosaprima

This David Austin rose newly grown by Rosaprima will make you fall in love! Ella radiates her delicate ivory tones with a warm center that reveals it’s golden stamens as it opens. A beautiful surprise!

Rosaprima has participated in the SAF convention for fourteen years and has now won almost 70 Ribbons since. We already are looking forward to next year!


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