Our roses bring joy and comfort to people all over the world. They highlight the special moments in people’s lives, creating sensations through the aesthetics, reminding us of the beauty of life.

Social and Environmental Sustainability

Beauty comes from within. It is a reflection of how something has come to be. This is why at Rosaprima we pay careful attention to every aspect of our business and beyond. We are committed to making a positive contribution not only for the person at the end of the chain admiring our roses, but for the whole of society and the environment.  Our employees, our neighboring communities and our natural resources are indispensable to our business, but they are also our friends, our partners and our inspiration. Rosaprima continues flourishing because of the hard work and knowledge of our employees, the recognition of our customers, and the generous, healthy land. Through our social and environmental initiatives, we work towards strengthening our relationships, not only out of a responsibility we carry, but also, out of gratitude and a profound belief that we all are better off when we work together and contribute to one another.

Rosaprima was built on the philosophy that whatever you do must be done well, always striving to be an agent of positive change. Quality and our quest for perfection begins from within our company, with our employees, our surroundings and the environment.  From our inception in 1995, we have built strong relationships with our neighboring communities, working together on local initiatives that support education, health and well-being. Stewardship and integrity define our work practices, making Rosaprima an esteemed and respected employer. Our land is sustainably and innovatively managed and our production and delivery processes are constantly updated. Rosaprima is certified by international programs such as Rainforest Alliance and Basc, as well as Flor Ecuador (a socio-environmental certification program specific to Ecuadorian flower growers). Rosaprima has been and continues being a leading name in corporate sustainability practices in Ecuador.

We are proud to be part of something that is a positive contribution to the world. Our roses bring joy and comfort to people all over the world. They highlight the special moments in people’s lives, creating sensations through the aesthetics, reminding us of the beauty of life.


The people we are surrounded by and work with are our greatest asset. The very foundation of Rosaprima has always lied on the great potential of the highly competent, creative and hard-working people of the country.  Through the combination of a clear vision for the company and the dedication and commitment of our employees, Rosaprima has grown to be a family of over 1500 people!

We are proud to be a company that truly values gender equality. At the farm level, we employ a total of 46% women and 54% men, whilst at the corporate level, 54% are women and 46% are men.  We are also proud to be one of the major employers of the region, contributing to restoring a balance in the structure of families which had been fragmented before our arrival.  Women and children had been particularly vulnerable as men often travelled to the main city in search of opportunities due to a complete lack of prospects left after a failed cattle and dairy industry in the region.

Through the provision of free medical services provided by a health clinic built and maintained by Rosaprima, workers and their families are able to access check-ups, follow-ups, family planning and health education in an easy and timely fashion. Our physician also attends patients at the local hospital in case of emergencies, surgeries and child-births.


Education is an issue that is held dearly at Rosaprima. Over the years, many different initiatives have been developed, including literacy programs, the funding of the construction of the first Municipal School, a day-care center, information technology centers at several communities, funding for after-school programs, and the well-known “Brilliant Minds” program which awards the brightest and most dedicated students a financial prize together with school-supplies in a meaningful ceremony at the main farm offices with the CEO and founder of Rosaprima.

Transforming the land from a “green desert” to the rich land it is today

When Rosaprima acquired the farm in 1995, it began an important transformation of the land. The farm had been used as grazing land for cattle for decades and was essentially what is called a “green desert” with hardly any trees due to its vast monoculture of grass. These green deserts have been well documented as being devastating for species’ diversity. Through careful planning, Rosaprima has established at least 20% of its land with reforestation of native trees and plants, successfully contributing to restoring some of the biological diversity of the region.mIts reforestation efforts continue to grow and includes strategic planting to ensure connectivity between the areas of native vegetation, therefore creating natural corridors for native fauna.  Over 100,000 trees have been planted  on-site! The farmal so maintains water reservoirs, which have become important ecosystems due to the richness of species being supported through it, particularly birds, for which Ecuador is considered to be one of the countries   with the highest number of bird species in the world.

Ensuring the most efficient water use

We are fortunate to receive the invigorating waters from the majestic Cayambe volcano in the Andes. Nonetheless, we take water-use and water management very seriously.  We are one of the few farms in Ecuador that has invested heavily in a state of the art irrigation system that saves more than 300 million liters of water per year. This highly advanced technology not only ensures maximum efficiency of water use, but also guarantees our plants receive the right amount to grow the most beautiful roses. We also ensure our waste water is treated and constantly measure the levels of nitrates of our soil to avoid any contamination of aquifers.

Additionally, Rosaprima’s water reservoir increases our use of rainwater and creates a healthy ecosystem for the native flora and fauna of the region.

Integrated Pest Control

In line with Rosaprima’s vision of contributing to a positive change, our expert agronomists have developed a meticulous integrated pest control over the years that is continuously being evaluated and adapted to ensure excellent results without compromising the environment or the health and safety of our workers.  Methods as simple and easy such as planting mint to act as a deterrent to aphids and other potential pests, as well as ensuring the quality and optimal moisture of the soil, are largely used on our farm.  Such methods are combined with agrochemicals that have been approved by the Ecuadorian government. Rosaprima has a strict policy banning any “Highly Hazardous Pesticides”, as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) classification.

Capturing nutrients from our waste

A waste management program ensures maximum efficiency in recycling and re-integrating nutrients into the soil. Qualified waste management companies collect the common, everyday waste generated in the offices and post-harvest areas, as well as any other junk and plastics. All vegetative waste arising from the pruning and elimination of plants, as well as any rose products that will not be commercially used are sent on site to be composted. We use a combination of traditional composting methods including worm composting to produce a highly rich organic fertilizer that reduces the need to use any external fertilizers in our soil. Rosaprima’s land is healthier, more robust and boasts more organic matter than in the past decades.

Rosaprima’s land is healthier, more robust and boasts more organic matter than in the past decades.