The Rosaprima Fall Edit - Rosaprima

The Rosaprima Fall Edit

WedLuxe shows a breath-taking example of “The New Neutral” in their Summer/Fall 2019 Issue. Flowers by Alina Tacmelova of Flowers Time. Photo by David Hou, courtesy of WedLuxe.

Fall Classics

Fall swoops in full force and full of color!  Often the season to slow down, restock and gather energy for the coming Winter months, this year it breezes in strong and resolute.  A sense of enthusiasm and determination saturates the air as we close a decade and make way for a new, inspiring future!

Fall Classics in golden ochre, earthy oranges, and crimson red.

Nature’s vibrant colors mature into warmer, earthier tones like golden ochre, earthy oranges, crimson red, maroon, and olive green.  These fall classics remain, as do some of the already favorites of the year: gray blue, mossy green, dark teal, and different tones of pink including light coral, and dusty rose.

Pretty in Pink

Pantone’s “Living Coral”, a “vibrant, yet mellow” color has been spot on as the “Color of the Year” as we’ve seen the playful hue in different gradations everywhere- from pillows and cushions, armchairs and velvety chaise longues, to lipsticks and tennis shoes, bags and of course, the most gorgeous weddings of all!

Rosaprima’s Pretty in Pinks

 This fall you can expect it to remain strong in every color palette. It could be it be used as a pop of color to brighten and freshen a more earthy look, or as a background, in a more subdued tone as a dusty rose or blush color.  Certainly, it works beautifully as “the new neutral”. It provides the perfect clean effect from which to build on, while breaking free from the conventional beige, cream, white and grey. Our favorite example comes from the Summer/Fall 2019 Issue of WedLuxe Magazine, pictured here. It merits special mention as it oozes with creativity, beauty and elegance. We strongly advise you take a look at, especially if you want to be inspired by the color combinations and the most beautiful arrangements (and dresses, and everything to do with weddings!).

Photo by David Hou, courtesy of WedLuxe.


Rosaprima’s Terracotas

Terracota is a fantastic hue that is making a powerful comeback this season.  This rich, clay color falls somewhere between orange and brown, and is incredibly versatile as it creates different effects depending on the shade used.  It is an earthy tone that brings warmth to any canvas, and works exceptionally well with nude hues, soft pinks and the classic fall color scheme.   It also adds depth and elegance when paired with gold, brass or silver, and can surprise you when used with green or blue tones.

Another stunning example of how to play with color. Don’t miss “Terra Cota Crush” by WedLuxe in their Summer/Fall 2019 Issue. Photo by David Hou, courtesy of WedLuxe.

We’re truly excited about this season and its endless possibilities.  We hope we inspire you to recharge using our roses as the base to bring in color to your life.   With florals, as with colors, remember that it’s about the feelings it sparks. Don’t be afraid to be bold with your color, whatever that may be. Make it yours and embrace it full on! We guarantee you will be energized and that will create a positive vibe that will fuel your soul!


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